C.F. Motion's engineering has rich experience in antenna pedestals, mechanisms, drives, gimbals, instrumentation, and control systems.  We offer this experience to share with you.

Areas of consideration:

Mechanical Engineering

  • Three DOF gimbals for antenna pedestals, robots, radar, optical equipment, and rotators.
  • Six DOF gimbals for robotics and hand controller application.
  • Spindles for high-RPM drives.
  • Actuators and Linear motion drives.
  • Gear boxes for special applications. (planetary, hybrid, spur.)
  • Precision Control Systems.
  • Precision instruments:  Gyroscopes, Accelerometers.
  • System controls.
  • Surveillance Systems.


System Controls

  • Multi-degree of freedom gimbaling systems.
  • Actuators.
  • Pedestals on-the-move.



  • Dynamic analysis.
  • Motion components life analysis.
  • Loads in open marine environment.
  • Heat transfer.
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Special Analysis and Development Work:

ABL (Airborne Lased) for Boeing.